Design the factory of the future...

and win a year's tuition fees!

Imagine you have an unlimited budget, no restrictions and all resources at your disposal. What do you think Berkvens would look like in the future? We're challenging you to conceive, design and pitch our factory of the future. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What would the door of tomorrow look like?
  • What would the production process of Berkvens look like in 10, 20 or 30 years?
  • How can Berkvens create high-quality door systems with minimum use of energy, raw materials and labour?


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Student Challenge description

As a production company, Berkvens will face a number of challenges over the coming years considering the variety of developments happening around us. But we see these challenges as opportunities. After all, we will not simply wait around to see what will happen, but we will continue to take a leadership role. Being at the forefront and setting the trends is in our DNA. That is why we look towards the future with an open mind! We have already started working on the factory of the future. It is important not to limit ourselves when it comes to the future and what it means for Berkvens. In other words, we should not hold fast to how we do things now or to how we have always done them. What does the future really have in store for us? And how can we become and remain future-proof? These are concepts that we cannot solve alone and for which we are very happy to enlist the help of students. Students who go the extra mile, who truly dare to think out of the box and who can help take our company into the future.

Guidelines for the Student Challenge

Who can enter?
Are you a student and are you enrolled at a higher vocational education institute? Then we're inviting you to sign up for the Berkvens Student Challenge. You can enter individually or as a duo.

What are you ultimately expected to deliver?
We want you to present your 'factory of the future’ to us in a pitch. Use your pitch to convince us why your idea is the best! To support your pitch, you will also submit a paper.

Registration closes on 20 December 2019.

What’s in it for me?
This is your chance to shine and to show what you've got in a company setting. It's an assignment that will allow you to distinguish yourself even after you graduate and will help you in your search for your dream job. Who knows, it might even be with us.

Berkvens robot Student Challenge

Berkvens Deursystemen

We are Berkvens door systems. A family-run business from Brabant with 450 employees that has been designing, developing, selling, manufacturing and installing interior door systems for more than 85 years. Our production facility in Someren consists of four factories. More than 450,000 doors and 360,000 frames are produced in these factories annually. The products are used for both residential and non-residential purposes. We mainly produce for the Dutch market, but we are also regularly involved in fantastic projects abroad.

Its many innovations have been the hallmark of Berkvens throughout its long history. These innovations span from the core material for cell doors we developed ourselves when Berkvens was first founded and that is now used worldwide, to the ceiling-high doors we have made affordable for everyone thanks to our production methods. Production of the new products we develop ourselves is generally done in-house. This means that we invest heavily in our production locations.

  • It’s up to you - however long you want to commit to it. We are offering you the possibility to come to Berkvens once a month to ask questions.

  • 20 December 2019: registration closes
    15 January 2020: initial information session with factory tour
    5 February 2020: questions session
    11 March 2020: questions session
    End of March 2020: deadline for submission of paper
    Mid-April 2020: pitch to panel
    May 2020: celebratory prize-giving (exact date TBC)

  • An information day will be held at Berkvens on 15 January, when you will have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with our company and production processes. In addition to technical explanations from our colleagues, we will also give you a tour of the factories to give you a clear picture of the company. After the introduction session, question sessions will be held at Berkvens every 3-4 weeks to answer pre-submitted questions.

  • A panel made up of members of the Berkvens management and board will judge the entries.

  • The prize consists of a monetary amount equal to the statutory tuition fees for the Hogeschool for the 2019/2020 academic year. For full-time courses, this is set at €2.083,- euros.

Questions about our Student Challenge?

Do you have questions about the challenge? Put them in an email addressed to We also provide extra information about our company, our production process and the Student Challenge via this download.


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